BlackBerry Bold 9650 - Troubleshooting: Attachments

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Troubleshooting: Attachments

A skipped content bar appears in a document

More content is available for you to download to your BlackBerry® device.

1. To download the content, click the skipped content bar.
2. Click More.

A message, attachment, or Google Mail conversation is cut short or doesn't

Try the following actions:

• Wait for a short period of time. Your BlackBerry® device receives long messages and attachments in sections.
• If "More available" appears at the end of the message or attachment, press the

key > More or More All.

• If part of a Google Mail™ conversation doesn't appear, press the

key > More of Conversation.

• If you're downloading an attachment, cancel the download and wait for a short period of time. Try downloading the

attachment again.

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A question mark appears on a slide

A question mark appears on a slide if your BlackBerry® device has not downloaded the slide.

1. To download the slide, highlight the slide.
2. Press the

key > Retrieve.

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