BlackBerry Bold 9650 - Troubleshooting: Media

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Troubleshooting: Media

My device is not using the correct ring tone or wallpaper

If you are using a ring tone or wallpaper picture that you encrypted in the device memory or on the media card using your
BlackBerry® device password and you reset your device, unlock your device.

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Some pictures that I take are blurry

In low lighting conditions, the camera might compensate for the lack of exposure by using a slower shutter speed. If you move
the camera before the shutter clicks, the picture might be blurry. If the camera is using a slower shutter speed, an exclamation
point indicator appears at the bottom of the screen.

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Depending on your BlackBerry® device model, you might be able to decrease the blurriness in pictures that is caused by slight
movements of the camera by turning on image stabilization in the camera options.

The flash dims or turns off

If the camera has a flash, and the battery power level drops below 20 percent, the flash dims to conserve battery power. In
cold temperatures, when the battery power level drops below 20 percent, the flash might turn off.

Some features are not available on my device

The availability of certain features on your BlackBerry® device might be affected by items such as your device model and
wireless service plan.
Depending on your messaging service plan, some features or options might not be available in the message options on the
Email Preferences screen.
If your email account uses a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, your organization might not have set up some features or might
prevent you from using some features or options. If your administrator has set an option for you, a red lock indicator appears
beside the option field.
For more information about the features that are available on your device, contact your wireless service provider or
administrator, or visit


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I cannot save media files

Your BlackBerry® device memory or media card might not have enough available memory to store media files.
Try the following actions:
• If you are trying to save a media file to your device memory, delete old data or messages from your device.
• If you are trying to save a media file on your media card, delete old media files.
• In the camera options, verify that the Image Size field is not set to Large. Large pictures use more memory than smaller


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I cannot open media files

Try one of the following:

• If you are trying to open a media file on your BlackBerry® device and your device is connected to your computer,

disconnect your device from your computer.

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• If you are trying to open a media file on your computer using your device as a USB drive, verify that you have closed the

media transfer options in the BlackBerry® Desktop Software.

• If you encrypted the media files on your media card using an encryption key that your BlackBerry device generated and you

are trying to open an encrypted media file on your computer or a device other than the BlackBerry device that you used to
encrypt the file, insert the media card into the BlackBerry device that you used to encrypt the file. On the Home screen or
in a folder, click the Options icon. Click Security > Encryption. In the Media Card section, change the Mode field to Device

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My device does not recognize my media card

Try one of the following actions:
• Verify that your media card is inserted in your BlackBerry® device correctly. For more information about inserting a media

card into your device, see the printed documentation that came with your device.

• In your media card options, if there is a message to format your media card, disconnect your device from your computer.

Format your media card.
CAUTION: Formatting your media card will delete all the files from it.

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I cannot find podcasts

Podcast content that is marked as explicit content does not appear in the Podcast application if you do not have the Show
Explicit Content
option turned on.

The media player screen closes

If you pause or stop a media file for a certain period of time, the media player screen closes to optimize the performance of
your BlackBerry® device. In the media options, you can stop the media player screen from closing or change the amount of
time before the media player screen closes.

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