BlackBerry Bold 9650 - Getting to know your smartphone

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Getting to know your smartphone

Find out about apps and indicators, and what the keys do on your BlackBerry® smartphone.

Important keys

Front keys





• Slide your finger to move around the screen.
• Press (click) to select an item.
• Press and hold to open a pop-up menu.


• Open a menu.
• Select a highlighted menu item.
• Press and hold to switch applications quickly.


• Return to the previous screen.
• Close the menu.


• Make a call.
• Answer a call.


• End a call.
• Return to the Home screen.
• Press and hold to turn on or turn off your BlackBerry® device.

Top keys





• Mute a call.
• Mute the volume.

Side keys

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• Change the volume.
• Press and hold to play the next or previous media file.
• Before you take a picture or record a video, press to zoom in or out.

Left Convenience key

• Open the Voice Dialing application.
• You can also customize this key.

Right Convenience key

• Open the camera.
• Autofocus
• Take a picture.
• You can also customize this key.






Capitalize letters.


Type the alternate character on a key.


Open the symbol list.


Delete the previous character or a selected item.


Select an item.


Turn on or turn off the speakerphone during a call.

Select commands using pop-up menus

Pop-up menus are available in most applications, and appear in the center of the screen. You can use the pop-up menu when

you are viewing a message, for example, to file, forward, or reply to the message.
• To open a pop-up menu, click and hold an item on the screen.
• To select a command, click the icon.
• To see additional commands, click the Full Menu icon.

Tips: Doing things quickly

For full instructions, click the links under Related information at the bottom.

User Guide

Quick Help


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Use the Quick Access area to access popular options

Highlight and click an area at the top of the Home screen to
access options such as changing your ring tone, setting the
alarm, viewing notifications, and turning on or off network

See all the apps and folders on the Home screen, or minimize
your view and view the wallpaper

On the navigation bar, click All.

Switch to another app

Press and hold the

key. Click an app.

Note: The other app might still be running in the background.

Open an app with a convenience key

Press a convenience key on the side of your device.
Note: You can customize which app a convenience key opens.

Use pop-up menus

Pop-up menus provide common available actions, and appear
in the center of the screen. For example, you can use the pop-
up menu in a message to file, forward, or reply to the message.
To open a pop-up menu, press and hold the trackpad. To select
a command, click the trackpad.

Switch to the Favorites, Media, Downloads, and Frequent

On the Home screen, highlight All on the navigation bar and
slide your finger on the trackpad right or left.

Add an app to the Favorites view

Highlight an app on the Home screen or in a folder. Press the

key > Mark as Favorite.

Change options for the Home screen such as the wallpaper

On the Home screen, press the

key > Options.

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Get started with some of these great applications.


Send emails, PIN messages, and more.
Text Messages

Send text messages.

Browse websites.

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Quick Help


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See saved pictures, play songs, and more.
Camera (if supported)

Take pictures.
Instant Messaging

Chat with friends or colleagues.

Set your device options. You can find more options in each application menu.
Manage Connections

Set up wireless connections, such as a Bluetooth® connection.

Find the user guide here or click Help in a menu.

To show or hide an icon, highlight the icon using the trackpad. Press the

key > Show All or Hide.

Status indicators

Home screen

new notification

alarm set

unopened message count

BlackBerry® Messenger

calendar reminder count

social feeds

missed call count

sending or receiving data

Wi-Fi® turned on





text message

sent message


message is sending

high priority

message not sent


meeting invite


User Guide

Quick Help


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Home screen

missed call

received call

placed call

voice mail message

Tips: Managing indicators

Indicators tell you that there is something new or updated, such as a new message, voice message, or feed, or they inform you
of the status of something, such as the battery or network connection. Indicators often appear on app icons, new content
within apps, and at the top of the Home screen.

Remove the new item indicator

Open each item that has this indicator. For example, to remove
it from the Messages icon, click the icon.

Remove the unopened message indicator

In the Messages app, do one or more of the following:
• Open all of your messages by clicking on them. If you

cannot find all of your unopened messages in your inbox,
look in your messages folders.

• Mark a message as opened. Highlight a message. Press the

key > Mark Opened.

• Mark all messages that are prior to a date as opened.

Highlight a date field. Press the

key > Mark Prior


Identify an indicator

• You might be able to identify an indicator by seeing the

icon of the application that the indicator refers to. To see
a complete list of applications on your device and their
icons, on the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options
icon. Click Device > Application Management.

• For a complete list of BlackBerry® indicators, visit

. Click your

device model, and then click the Icons and Indicators

Feature availability

The following items affect the availability of features on your BlackBerry® device. The features discussed are meant as
examples, and are not inclusive of every feature that might or might not be available on your device.

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Device model

Features such as GPS, the camera and video camera, and
network connection options are dependent on your device
model. To find feature specifications for your device model,


Wireless service plan

You must purchase or change your wireless service plan
through your wireless service provider.

A wireless service plan with phone or voice is required for you
to use the phone application and to send and receive text

A wireless service plan with data is required for you to use the
browser service and instant messaging applications, and to
send and receive email messages and PIN messages.

For more information about your plan, contact your wireless
service provider.

BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Once you have a data plan, you must set up your email address
or third-party instant messaging account in order to send and
receive email messages, use third-party instant messaging
applications, and use some browser options.

If you are an individual user, when you set up your email
address or instant messaging account, you are associating it
with the BlackBerry® Internet Service.

If you are a corporate user, your administrator sets up your
email account by associating it with a BlackBerry® Enterprise
Server. Your administrator might set options that determine
the features and settings that are available on your device. To
view the IT policies that have been set by your administrator,
on the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Click
Security > Security Status Information > View IT Policy.

Wireless service provider

Features such as text messaging, location-based services, and
some phone features are dependent on your wireless service
provider's offerings. For more information, contact your
wireless service provider.

Wireless network

The wireless network that your device is connected to might
affect the availability of some features. Depending on your
wireless service provider and available roaming options,

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different wireless networks are available. Some wireless
networks do not support features such as call blocking, call
forwarding, or cell broadcasting. For more information,
contact your wireless service provider.

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