BlackBerry Bold 9650 - Browser shortcuts

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Browser shortcuts

To use browser shortcuts, you might need to turn on shortcuts in the browser options. Depending on the typing input language
that you are using, some shortcuts might not be available.

Insert a period (.) in the web address field

Press the Space key.

Insert a slash mark (/) in the web address field Press the Shift key and the Space key.
Stop loading a web page

Press the Escape key.

Close the browser

Press and hold the Escape key.

On a web page

Quickly switch between tabs

Press W

Zoom in to a web page

Press I

Zoom out from a web page

Press O

Go to the start page

Press G

Return to the home page

Press H

Open the bookmark list

Press K

Add a bookmark

Press A

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View a list of web pages that you have visited

Press Y

Refresh a web page

Press R

Find text on a web page

Press F. To find the next instance of the text, press V.

Open the browser options

Press S

Move around a web page

Move up a screen

Press the Shift key and the Space key.

Move down a screen

Press the Space key.

Move to the top of a web page

Press T

Move to the bottom of a web page

Press B