BlackBerry Bold 9650 - Word Mole game basics

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Word Mole game basics

About the Word Mole game

The object of the Word Mole® game is to form words using the letters in the garden. If you form a word using letters that are

directly above, below, or beside each other in the garden, you receive new letters which you can use to form new words.

Otherwise, holes appear in the garden, making it harder to form new words. You can replace a hole with a new letter by

forming a word that uses a letter that is beside the hole.
In a single-player game, you complete a level by submitting enough words to reach the required point goal before the time

expires. In a practice game, you have unlimited time to play a game. In a multiplayer game, you compete against other players

to win awards for achievements such as submitting the longest word, or receiving the least number of holes.

Form a word

1. Click each letter in the word.
2. Do one of the following:

• To submit a word, press the key on the keyboard.
• To deselect a letter, click the letter again.
• To deselect all the letters, press the


Word Mole game scoring

Word length:

Form longer words to gain more points and vegetable bonus letters.

Letter usage:

Use less common letters to gain more points.


Complete the level as quickly as possible to gain more points.

Water bonus letters:

Use water bonus letters in a word to fill the watering can.

Watering can:

Fill the watering can to grow vegetable bonus letters.

Vegetable bonus letters:

User Guide

Word Mole game


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Use vegetable bonus letters in a word to gain bonus points. To gain even more bonus points, use multiple vegetable bonus
letters in a single word.

Star bonus letters:

Use star bonus letters in a word to gain bonus points.

Time bonus letters:

Use time bonus letters in a word to gain bonus time.

Adjust the volume

• To increase the volume, press the Volume Up key on the right side of your BlackBerry® device.
• To decrease the volume, press the Volume Down key on the right side of your device.
• To mute the volume, press the

key on the top of your device. To turn off mute, press the

key again. If you press


key during a call, your device mutes the call so that you can hear others on the call, but they cannot hear you.

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